Salary Payment System


Hisham Toure

One of the most available freelancers we have ever worked with Very forward thinker


The objective of the task was to develop an application that relies on the SMS based Mobile Money Services app (also built by me as part of a previous contract) to assist with salary payment for employees who cannot have direct deposit.

Features include:

  1. Employee record management through a local database.
  2. SMS Transactions for payment requests.
  3. Response Parsing for processing the reply SMS received for given payment requests.
  4. Transactions Queue Management to be able to indicate/flag any record for which the SMS has not been sent and run the transactions system smoothly.
  5. Back Up and Restoration of transactions for given period.
  6. Import external employee record via CSV file.
  7. Replication of same system with minor modifications to allow remittance payments as well.

Project Reference available at Upwork.
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