Wayfarer Guide



Ghidul drumetului is a tourist guide identifying sights located within a radius of 25 km around the user.

Other functions:

  1. Detailed descriptions for sightseeing database
  2. Contact data pages presentation for sightseeing. Some sights (for which database a phone number) allow the user requests that you call to obtain additional information or reservations.
  3. Catalog sights grouped by county
  4. Weather on 10 days for each objective
  5. Save GPS coordinates for the locations of their interest: the place where the car is parked, the hotel location, other locations
  6. Sharing your location with friends or emergencies. It allows the received location to establish a route to the user. This function can be used, for example, to retrieve a lost member of the group.
  7. Catalog GPS tracks. Tracks are grouped by county.
  8. Allow users to help increase the database by proposing new GPs locations and routes.
  9. Evaluation interactive tourist locations.
  10. Reporting accuracy GPS coordinates in real time.

This application is growing. Each new version will bring new information into the database and new features.

The application allows you to capture images with the camera phone. They may be sent by the user to help develop the database.

Both the camera and accessing the phone's dial function have only the user's permission and only request.

You can find the app on Play Store.
For suggestions and queries, just contact me.

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