AsUsual - Coffee



AsUsual is a location-based online coffee marketplace. In addition to normal ordering, it also provides some value-added services such as proximity notifications for frequented shops, preset orders, auto-ordering etc.

The application designs were provided by the client in the form of a template project, which was then altered to suit our needs. The project used AWS Amplify for its backend. In addition to the application itself, I also built a simple react-based front-end for the service staff to receive and handle orders.

Through the development cycle, I built the following features for the product:

  • Social and email authentication
  • Geo-location based features such as distance to shops and listing of Coffee Shops by distance
  • Advanced order options interface
  • Timer-based auto ordering
  • Background location tracking
  • Proximity notifications
  • Full order cycle from order placement from the app to order acceptance and completion via the web app.

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