Aqua Wallet



Aqua is a smart wallet by Blockstream that supports Bitcoin, Tether and Liquid assets. With Aqua wallet users can send, receive, purchase and convert cryptocurrencies, manage crypto assets, monitor price movements, and more.

I have been working on Aqua wallet as a Flutter developer for the past year. Some of the features that I have contributed to are:

  • Sideshift integration: This allows users to swap between different cryptocurrencies within the app, without having to use an external exchange service. Sideshift is a non-custodial platform that provides fast and secure swaps between various coins and tokens.
  • Pokerchip: It enables users to create and manage their own custom tokens on the Liquid Network. Users can issue, transfer, burn, and freeze their tokens using a simple interface. Pokerchip also allows users to create tokenized representations of real-world assets, such as stocks or gold.
  • Address history: The transaction history of any bitcoin or Liquid address that the user enters or scans are managed by the app. Users can view the balance, incoming and outgoing transactions, and associated metadata of any address they are interested in.
  • UI redesign: Throughout my time we went through a complete redesign of the user interface and user experience of Aqua wallet. I have worked on creating a more intuitive and attractive design for new and some of the existing features.

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