My interest in mobile application development stemmed from my passion for video games. Between developing mobile apps and playing games, I admittedly spend most of my time in front of a screen. Some of my passions are learning new technologies, writing clean code, reading, watching sci-fi movies and DC-verse seasons, and filling up a fresh cup of coffee.

I'm a passionate and curiosity-driven Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

I like building software that adds value to people's lives. Be it a mobile application helping them find their best deals in town or a video game providing some quality entertainment after an exhausting day. It brings real satisfaction knowing that a piece of software that I "invented" improved someone's life in some way.

From developing professional mobile applications for a living to automation projects as a hobby, I have spent the last several years exploring various genres and paradigms of information technology working along with countless brilliant minds. My journey so far has included contributions to professional projects with international and as well as local clients both as a team member and an individual contractor.

After having several successful projects on the freelance market, long-running partnerships with several clients around the world and being part of a bunch of brilliant teams in some amazing organizations; currently seeking experience and reputation in the discipline with new ideas in contemplation. Moreover, exploring opportunities for social entrepreneurship.

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